The Cascinazza is a Benedictine Monastery founded in 1971.
The monastic community has since grown, and now needs to build new
spaces for a more regular life.

« The purpose of the monastic community is to live life as a 'sign of Christ', where all the brothers are at the service of charity,
where the fraternal communion is a reality lived, suffered and recreated everyday »
Abbot Bernardo Cignitti

The monastery is a place where the memory of Christ becomes the form of existence: 'ora et labora' means that all the reality that we live becomes part of the body of Christ, acquires a new meaning and expands His presence within the life of the world.

« Building spaces for fraternity
is no less important today
than in the times of Saint Benedict,
who with the founding of the monastic fraternity
became the real architect of Christian Europe »
(Joseph Ratzinger)

How to donate

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Località Cascinazza - 20090 BUCCINASCO (MI)